Life looked good for Sir Paul Chater but it was built from an uncomfortable bedrock of early sorrow and hardship. There was no silver spoon in his youth, but rather pain, bereavement, grief and uncertainty. At the close of his time on this earth, his life’s work brought admiration and respect, not just from people on the island of Hong Kong, but far and wide, around the globe. He always hoped he’d leave some sort of legacy, he had no idea how big it was.  Let me take you through his life.

Catchick Paul Chater born in Calcutta in 1846, died in Hong Kong in 1926.

…..I have never been in a place that I have loved more than Hongkong, and in fact, the longer I stay here the more I like it…..
Catchick Paul Chater 1881

sir_catchick_paul_chater1-head only“………In the evolution of time, generation will succeed generation in Hongkong, new firms will arise, new projects will be formed; new personalities will seek to advance the colony’s influence and promote her enterprise long after names familiar enough now have vanished into the past and been forgotten.” He went on “….It is not possible to predict from the shadows which the future is casting before what Hongkong will yet develop into. It is not possible to surmise with any accuracy the part which will ultimately be allotted to Hongkong to play in the international theatre of the world. These questions lie in the womb of the future, and the future alone can answer them; but that she is always destined to be an important factor, I for one have no doubt whatsoever……..Great and important movements have lately taken place in the Far East, possibly greater and more important changes yet are even now in contemplation……”
Catchick Paul Chater 28 May 1896